Call for Expertise on Creation of Pedagogical Tools


Call for Expertise on Creation of Pedagogical Tools

AFRAT (Association pour la Formation des Ruraux aux Activités du Tourisme); Bethlehem University / Institute for Community Partnership-ICP; PCR (Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People) and Tétraktys (Association de coopération pour le développement Local des espaces naturels) lunch a call for expertise on Creation of pedagogical tools linked with the Palestinian heritage.

The aim of the call for tender is to create educational tools (comics, exhibition, videos, application…) related to the Palestinian heritage and more specifically to the six themes listed here below:

  • Hikayat Palestine Through The Masar Ibrahim : Dialects, Oral Memories & Histories
  • From Terraces to Settlements : The Testimony of Masar Ibrahim landscapes
  • The Maqam as a place of popular practices : evolution and diversity
  • The one who has olive oil will never be poor” Material and Political Aspects of a Palestinian Symbol
  • Architecture and ways of living : traditional and modern Palestinian villages and cities
  • Necessity of water and problems: source of life, claim for heritage?


Applications shall be sent no later than the 15th of November 2018 to Mathilde Blondeau – [email protected]

Please, indicate “Pedagogical tools - EU project ENI/2017/390-692” as subject of your email.


Association Tétraktys

Mathilde Blondeau – International Project Manager [email protected]

+33 (0)4 38 70 02 14 

Bethlehem University, Institute for Community Partnership - ICP

Maysoun Ramadan, EU National Project Manager, [email protected]

+970 (0)792562140071

Please find HERE the terms of reference for the call for expertise.

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