Call for consultancy services to develop “survey study”


Call for consultancy services to develop “survey study” in Gaza Strip

Press House – Palestine (Bait Al-Sahafa) -BAS is an independent, non-profit media institution concerned about media issues and freedom of expression. It was founded in January 2013 through an initiative of a group of journalists and opinion makers who are concerning about the Palestinian journalism and actualizing democracy. Press House aims to contribute to enhancing freedom of expression and promoting the quality of Palestinian journalists, throughout building capacity, training, advocacy, and networking programs. It is supporting human rights principles including equality and non-discrimination.

Press House is soliciting consultancy services to implement a survey study of the reality of Academic Media Colleges, Media Institutions, and Media Graduates under the Enhancing Freedom of Expression, the Quality & Independency of Palestinian Media project funded by the Swiss and Norwegian Governments

Interested consulting firms / Individuals Consultant should collect the full ToR for this consultancy available at Press House office in Gaza Strip or download ToR and submit it by email: [email protected]  starting Wednesday, from September 19 till Thursday, 27 September 2018, from 08:30 A.M – 15:30 P.M

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موعد الإنتهاء 27, Sep, 2018
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