Call for Concept Notes Combating Root Causes of Gender-Base...


Call for Concept Notes

Combating Root Causes of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in the Gaza Strip

Call opens: 12th of February 2020
Deadline for Submission: 22nd of February 2020

The Swiss NGO cfd (The Feminist Peace Organization, is a peace and development organization working towards gender equality, the empowerment of women and participation of women in conflict resolution and peace building efforts. Cfd engages in the following sectors: prevention of sexual and gender-based violence S(GBV), income generation and social and political inclusion.

cfd invites women and youth-based NGOs working in Gaza Strip to apply for the GBV project if they are meeting the attached Concept Notes Guideline.

Application process: 

Interested organizations who meet the criteria mentioned in the attached Concept Notes Guidelines are invited to fill out the application form consisting of

Part I: Concept Notes Templates and

Part II: Organizational Assessment Template.

The application form has to be submitted in word-format.

1- Prepare the required annexes mentioned below as a compressed file. Complete applications consisting of filled in template and mentioned annexes should be sent to:
[email protected]

2- Inquiries about the application process should only be submitted in English to the email: [email protected] until latest 19th of February 2020. Please note, inquiry emails received after this date will not be answered.

3- You can download the two document (Concept Notes Template and Organizational Assessment) 

4- Deadline for submitting the proposal is: 22nd of February 2020. Any proposals received after this deadline will not be considered.

For further information, please read the Concept Notes Guideline as a reference for submission

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