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Specific Open Call for proposals for Expression of Interest

UNICEF State of Palestine is inviting interested  Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) partners to submit proposals for Expression of Interest (EoI) to implement a 3-year programme titled “Building Resilience and Addressing Violence from Early years through Adolescence” (BRAVE) funded by the Government of Finland in the Gaza strip, State of Palestine. This EOI covers Year 1 of the programme with total budget of $214,104. The funds will be administered from UNICEF to the partner using UNICEF's financial systems, and applicable rules and regulations, including those relating to procurement as well as the selection and assessment of Implementing Partners. 

The Proposals must be in line with the BRAVE programme (see attached the BRAVE proposal for reference) and should demonstrate the CSOs / NGOs’ capacity to implement the BRAVE programme outlined below. The program’s plan of activities should contribute to the activities of the overall 3- year BRAVE programme. Detailed reporting on project activities, including disaggregation by school level, gender and age will be required, in line with UNICEF rules and regulations. Proposals must demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness (possibility of extension beyond one year will be based on performance and availability of funding). For this EoI proposals must have the following timeframe:  November 15th, 2020- November 15th, 2021.

This call for proposals focuses on the following outcome and outputs of the BRAVE programme:  


Violence reduced against children and resilience enhanced amongst children and adolescents focusing on the most vulnerable and at- risk children and adolescents in selected communities in the West Bank including East Jerusalem.

The maximum value of the portion of the project budget paid by UNICEF for Year 1, is as follows:

Output 1: Increased Access to safe, gender responsive, inclusive and child friendly learning opportunities. (Year 1 Budget: ($37,065)

Output 2: Increased awareness and capacity of education providers, parents, ECE teachers, caregivers, volunteers and communities to prevent and protect children from violence from early years to adolescence. ($90,333)

Output 3: Building resilience and life skills of adolescents to become change agents for non-violence ($65,830)

Output 4: Strengthened referral and case management system for tackling violence in targeted locations. ($20,876)

Eligible CSOs and NGOS are invited to submit proposals for partnership to support achievement of results for children outlined in section 1.3 below. CSOs and NGOs that wish to participate in this Call for Expression of Interest are requested to send their submission clearly marked “CSO/NGO Call for Expression of Interest for the Programme:  “Building Resilience and Addressing Violence from Early years through Adolescence (BRAVE) in the State of Palestine” by email to the following email address:  [email protected]

Deadline for submission: 11:59 PM local time, October 2nd, 2020 

 Applications must be submitted in the English language.  

Any requests for additional information should be addressed in writing by September 25th, 2020 at the latest to [email protected]. UNICEF responses to any queries or clarification requests will be made available to all the applicants before the deadline for submission of applications. 

Applications will be assessed by an evaluation committee that will include representatives from Ministry of Education (MoE) in Gaza at technical level, and in coordination with MoE in Ramallah to identify CSOs and NGOs based on the criteria outlined in section 3 below.  Participation to this Call for Expression of Interest does not guarantee the CSO/NGO will be ultimately selected. CSO/NGO will be invited to review and finalize partnership agreements in accordance with criteria outlined in section 3.4 below and applicable policy and procedures on partnership with CSOs. 

Applicant CSOs will be informed of the outcome of their submissions by communication sent out to the email/ postal address that is indicated in the CSO submission.

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