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PalTrade was established in 1998, as a non-profit development organization, which was mandated as the Palestinian National Trade Promotion Organization. PalTrade has evolved into an export development organization with a mission to lead the development and sustainable increase of Palestinian exports as a driving force for sustainable national economic growth; and has been instrumental in leading the way to establish a National Export Strategy. PalTrade provides a wide range of support in the areas of export development and market intelligence, export promotion, and export policy and advocacy.  


In 2014 The Palestinian Export Council (PEC) was established according to a decision by Palestinian cabinet as part of the endorsement of the first Palestinian National Export Strategy. The PEC is a formal public-private platform that is composed of 26 members from the public and private sectors and academia, headed by the minister of National Economy and chairman of Palestine Trade Center (PalTrade) as vice president, and supported by the PEC secretariat, which is mandated for and  managed by PalTrade.

One of the strategic objectives of the National Export Strategy is to “Build and promote the image of the State of Palestine as a supplier of value-added quality products and services.” Recognizing that perceptions linked to Palestine have, for decades, been driven by external actors, primarily journalists reporting on political conflict throughout the region, and that changing the image of Palestine requires active participation from internal sources, it is clear that a more proactive effort is needed to transform Palestine’s global reputation and that of its export products and services.

The goal of this endeavor is to develop a branding initiative that accurately and effectively promotes Palestinian exports (goods and services) to key international audiences and ensures outcomes that support the economic needs and agendas of the PEC and all related stakeholders.

To satisfy this objective, a significant amount of research was conducted to understand the dynamics of destination branding as well as both market and operational dynamics on a sector by sector basis across Palestine. From this effort, outcomes included:

challenges faced when Palestinian enterprise enters new markets;

obvious shortcomings across all sectors of Palestinian enterprise;

opportunities and advantages for export activity;

and identification of markets that have been receptive to Palestinian exports.

Having that said, a branding marketing plan (attached) was designed based on a clear understanding of these findings, responds to those issues that are shared across all sectors and areas of professional endeavor, and provides a clearly defined model for branding activities that will satisfy both business and marketing objectives linked to Palestinian exports.

Based on reliable and documented researches, there are several manufacturing and service sectors that are contributing significantly to Palestine’s economy, generating meaningful and measurable gains through exports, and are projected to perform even better over the short, medium and long term. These sectors are:

- Agro Processed Meat

- Footwear & Leather

- Fresh Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs

- Fourniture

- Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

- Olive Oil

- Stone & Marble

- Textiles & Garments

- Tourism

If you wish to submit a tender please use the documents below:

Brand Strategy


The assignment is expected to commence on June 15th, 2018 for a duration of 10-12 months (companies are encouraged to propose and based on the suggested methodology and design an appropriate time frame for implementing the proposed activities. Companies who possess all the above requirements are encouraged to submit their offers as mentioned above


The Technical Proposal and financial offer MUST be submitted for national companies in two separated sealed envelopes titled with RFP # RFP-PTC-047-05-2018 before 14:00 Jerusalem time on Wednesday June 13th, 2018 for companies. For International companies, you need to send your technical and financial offer by email to: [email protected] not later than Wednesday June 13th, 2018 before 14:00 Jerusalem time with mention in the email subject RFP # RFP-PTC-047-05-2018

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