Awareness sessions on child protection and GBV


Awareness sessions on child protection and GBV

Tender Number: G.EM.OCHA.OO4.2018

MA’AN, through the fund of OCHA, is implementing a project titled " Protect the Health and Safety of IDPs and Hardship Cases through Emergency Shelter Responses ". The overall objective of the project is to provide for the protection of the vulnerable internally displaced families who are living in inadequate shelters through the provision of safe temporary shelter solutions, and adequate NFIs.

MA'AN is seeking a qualified consultant firm to facilitate awareness sessions on child protection and GBV for the targeted families. Through the awareness sessions, the beneficiaries will be oriented about MA’AN family centers and the child protection and GBV referral pathways. In addition, the families will be encouraged to refer to the family centers in case of recognition of child protection or GBV concerns, with the following minimum qualifications :

  • University Degree from an accredited educational institution in Social Sciences or Humanities 
  • Advanced understanding of gender, gender-based violence, social construction of femininities and child protection
  • Excellent knowledge of participatory training techniques and tools
  • Proven ability to design training materials on gender and child protection related issues
  • Strong communication and facilitation skills.
  • Excellent writing and reporting skills.
  • High level computer skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and Internet;
  • Knowledge of context and cultural aspect

Interested consultant firms should review the full ToR for this consultancy and can get a copy from it from MAAN-Gaza Office  from 23rd September 2018 – 26th  September 2018  and submit offer in two sealed envelopes; one for the technical offer and another one for the financial offer by 27th September 2018 (before 12:00 pm) at MA’AN Development Center office in Gaza, Palestine (Haidar Abd Al Shafi Square,Al Motaz 2 Building –Ground Floor Next to Blood Bank Building, Tel.: 08-2823712)

  • The awarded Consultant of this offer will be required to pay for the cost of this advertisement.
  • Offers will be assessed first on their technical merit using the evaluation criteria below. Only technical scores of at least 70 points will qualify for the financial review. The financial offer weight is 30% from the total weight while the technical offer is 70% of the total weight.
  • Financial Offer must be in USD excluding VAT (Zero VAT Invoice required)
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