Assessment of Legislative & Spatial Tools for Public Spaces


Terms of Reference 

Assessment of Legislative & Spatial Tools for Public Spaces in Palestine 

November 2020

Main Objective

The main objective of this assignment is to identify legislative gaps and assess the existing spatial tools of urban design/ spatial Planning in Palestine, and to review the methodology used by HAYA Joint Programme to assess and implement public spaces in the targeted cities. Moreover, this assignment aims at providing an on-the-job training to build municipal capacities in producing local public space strategies based on the city-wide assessment recommendations, (see Annex 1: City Wide Public Space Strategies Guidebook).

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The Consultant should submit technical and financial proposals separately in electronic format addressed for the attention of UN-Habitat (in two separate documents clearly titled with the name of the assignment) at: 

[email protected] by the deadline of 26 November 2020.


Annex 1:  City-Wide Public Space Strategies Guidebook

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