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Assessing the Main Green Practices in the Buildings Sector in Palestine

1.0 Introduction and Background

Small Enterprise Center (SEC) Association is a Palestinian non-profit organization started in 2002 as a project within the framework of a former GIZ Private Sector Development Program. In 2008, SEC has been officially registered as an independent non-profit organization governed by the Palestinian Law of Charitable Associations and Community Organizations No.1 for the year 2000.  Currently SEC is implementing the project “FOOD PROCESSING-SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Facilitating Regional Market Linkages and Promoting Export in partnership with GIZ/PSDP. Within the project components “green practices study in selected Palestinian sectors”, and the buildings sector in Palestine is one of these sectors.

Therefore, under this project scope, SEC is looking forward to hire a national consultant to conduct an a study which offers a unique assessment of energy and water consumption and intensity, plus waste generation and its patterns among the residential and commercial[1] buildings in Palestine for the period for 2021 data, as it is backed by accurate field data from a number of technical studies and censuses that should be gathered from a variety of sources.

Based on the desk review results, there is a research gap in Palestine in terms of commercial buildings consumption and intensity of energy and water in Palestine, and most of the focus in literature has been on the residential buildings sector for its big share in energy and water consumptions. This research comes as a response to the current gap identified in the commercial buildings main green practices in Palestine.

This study should focus on the operational stage of the life cycle energy and water analysis of residential and commercial buildings in Palestine. The study should involve literature review, data to be collected though visits to PEA, and PWA, and a rapid survey for commercial and public buildings in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The impact of human activities on the environment in the depletion of natural resources, air, water pollution, deforestation and global warming have increased the need to pay special attention toward implementation of sustainable development (SD) in the construction and buildings industry. Sustainable construction (SC), a subset of SD, is a vital agent in the preservation of resources and promoting the quality of life. A sustainable building aims to produce structures that enhances the quality of life and protects the environment efficiently and profitably, while a green building is a building which is energy efficient, resource efficient, and environmentally responsible.

2.0 Objectives of the Assignment

The overall objective of this assignment is to assess the main green practices including energy, water consumptions, waste generation in the Palestinian buildings (residential, commercial).

Identifying water and energy consumption and intensity, and waste generation patterns sets the baseline for understanding their drivers and assessing the performance of potential measures to increase efficiency and/or reliability. These patterns can vary substantially depending on the building characteristics, on the building users and use, on the cultural, social, economic, environmental context in which the building is located, among many other factors[2].

The specific objectives

The first objective of this research study is to determine baseline figures for energy and water consumption and intensity as well as waste generation based on the existing designs and standards.

The second objective of the research study is to review and identify potential resource efficiency measures that could be applied during the design, construction and operation of the buildings to achieve a reduction in energy and water consumption as well as waste production.

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8.0 Deadline for Submitting CVs and Technical and Financial Offers

The deadline for submitting CVs, and Technical and Financial offers by latest  29 / 9/2023 at 14:00 PM.  The financial offer shall be in USD and including all applicable taxes. Kindly send the offers to SEC email:  [email protected] or submit it as a hard copy at the SEC office in Al Bireh.

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