AIDA Oslo Accords 25-year Report Writing


Terms of Reference

AIDA Oslo Accords 25-year Report Writing

30 June 2018


The Association for International Development Agencies (AIDA) is a membership body and coordination forum of over 80 international non-governmental and non-profit organisations (INGOs) that share common values and a shared interest in promoting quality development and humanitarian programming in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).   

AIDA aims to be a proactive and accountable network of INGOs, which work in a coordinated and coherent way to respond to emergencies or humanitarian crises and towards sustainable and equitable development, human rights, social inclusion, poverty reduction and good governance in the oPt.

AIDA works to achieve this by addressing issues that affect members’ ability to deliver effective and accountable humanitarian assistance and development programming. Its core functions are coordination, facilitating information-sharing, promoting advocacy, formulating policy positions, and contributing to member-learning and capacity-building.

AIDA supports its members to apply a rights-based, gender sensitive, and conflict sensitive approach, focusing on advocacy and policy change addressing practices or violations of international law that create vulnerability and poverty.


AIDA is planning to release a report on the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Peace Accords in September 2018. The report will be used by AIDA and AIDA members to bring international attention to the situation in the oPt and advocate for renewed efforts towards a just and sustainable resolution to the conflict, as well as for the unimpeded delivery of essential humanitarian and development assistance.

Scope of work

  1. Conduct a desk review of relevant documents;
  2. Conduct consultations with key stakeholders nominated by AIDA, including the AIDA Director, relevant AIDA members, INGO advocacy leads, and legal advisors;
  3. Produce a draft report, for review and feedback;
  4. Produce a final report, incorporating feedback.


Commencing as soon as possible, the assignment is for a maximum of 10 working days. The report must be finalised by 31 July 2018.


An 8-12-page report, written in engaging language, for a general audience, comprised of the following sections:

  1. Description of the Oslo Accords, including legal analysis and the situation in the oPt at the time these were agreed;
  2. Description of the political, geographic, economic and humanitarian situation in the oPt now, including the specific conditions in East Jerusalem, Area C of the West Bank, and Gaza;
  3. Analysis of the success and failures of the Oslo Accords;
  4. Analysis of lessons learned from the Oslo Peace process;
  5. Recommendations for local and international policy-makers, donors, aid agencies and civil society actors.


  1. Demonstrated research, analysis and writing for publication skills;
  2. Experience in Palestine and sound knowledge of the history and current dimensions of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as well as development and humanitarian interventions;
  3. Knowledge of development and humanitarian programming, international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL) preferred;
  4. Fluency in English – written and oral.

Administrative and institutional arrangements

The assignment will be home-based and no travel costs will be paid. The assignment will involve extensive stakeholder consultation with AIDA members, which will need to be conducted remotely if the consultant is not based in Palestine.

The contract will be based on fees per day, tied to satisfactory achievement of deliverables, as per the scope in the ToR. Payment will be made upon receipt of satisfactory deliverables, certified by the AIDA Director/NRC Country Director. Contracting and payment will be made by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), as the host of AIDA. In accordance with local taxation regulations, NRC will deduct withholding tax from the gross amount of this contract.

Submission of applications

Applications must be submitted by 14:00h on Thursday, July 12th 2018 via email [email protected]

The proposal must include:

  1. Proposal, outlining suitability, proposed approach, and work plan, including dates for submission of draft and final reports;
  2. Current curriculum vitae, highlighting previous relevant work experience;
  3. Examples of recent reports;
  4. Financial proposal, including all costs.

For all enquiries, please email [email protected] including the title of the ToR in the email subject line.

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