50years of Occupation Photo essay- the Oslo generation


Assignment:                     50 years of Occupation Photo essay- the Oslo generation

Closing date:                            July 04th  2018

Duration:                           TBC: Before August 30th 2018. 13 days, including editing. Accommodation and flights will a be covered by OxfamIntroduction:

Location:          The West Bank and Gaza

September 2018 marks 25 years since the Oslo accords. Oxfam plans to release a research report with new analysis investigating the costs of the failure of the Oslo accords. Oxfam’s public work will have a particular focus on the “Oslo generation”, a generation of Palestinians who have grown up under the false hope of change and an end to the occupation and indignity the accords promised.


The photographer is expected to capture high quality reportage and portraiture that capture the myriad of sectors and facets of everyday life that have been impacted by the occupation and the failure of the Oslo accords, that promised Palestinians so much. Subjects will be those Palestinian’s who were born on, or after 1995- the Oslo generation.  
See here for examples:


Powerful, high quality and publishable images that showcase subjects, and their lives under occupation.  Tight frames, at least one portrait, and with lots of colour and movement, with the individual being the focus, is critical.

Scope of Work:

Service provider should provide an edit of high quality images of at least 10 subjects with detailed captions, including quotes from the subject (questions will be provided and interviews undertaken by Oxfam communications and media staff).


Service Provider should submit the following items to OXFAM

Print and publication quality photos of 10 people, identified in advance by Oxfam, as well as provide detailed captions including quotes. For each subject there must be a mix of portraiture, editorial and “contextual” shots that visually tell the story of the subjects’ life and how they are affected by the occupation, and if possible the ways the failure of the Oslo accords have impacted them.

A final edit must be supplied, in the style described above. Note copy right of all images supplied by Oxfam will be dually owned by Oxfam and the photographer in perpetuity. Dual copyright will appear on all published images.

Questions and quotes

Quotes must be taken from the subject and written and provided in the first person.

What do you know about life before Oslo?

What did it promise you and your generation?

What has it achieved?

What is the most significant impact of the occupation on your life?

If the blockade ended tomorrow, what would change for you? For Palestinians?

What message do you have for the creators of the Oslo accords?

What are your dreams for the future?


Interested applicants are requested to submit the following documents:


* CV

* Portfolio and samples of work

Technical Offer

* A cover letter describing why you are the right fit for this consultancy, describing your production style and experience and how you’re skills and style will be able to make the stated objective come to life.

Financial Offer

A detailed financial offer indicating daily rate and all equipment and daily expenses other than travel and accommodation. The amount should be in USD (Vat exemption) Zero VAT invoice, Oxfam will not issue any additional expenses or reimbursements.

Service requirements

Individual consultants and private companies are eligible to apply, subject to the availability of official documents of registration in the country/state where located, as follows: A. Companies/ individuals registered under the Palestinian Authority (PA) are required to submit a zero VAT invoice.

Companies/ individuals registered under the Israeli authorities are required to submit an official tax invoice.

Award Criteria

Applicants will be considered after review of submitted applications as specified above. The consultancy contract will be awarded to the strongest application. Other areas to be considered include: - Years of experience, quality of portfolio , previous experience working with an International Non-government organisation.

Flexibility to work on weekends as well as early mornings and late nights on weekdays - Ability to enter and work in East Jerusalem


A payment plan will be developed upon consultation and agreement with the selected company/individual prior to signing the service contract. Payment instalments will be issued upon receipt of deliverables as agreed between Oxfam and the selected candidate and after submitting an official invoice (VAT or zero VAT invoice).


Ownership and Use of Photographs and Video Footage

  For purposes of copyright and usage, the term 'Oxfam' includes the member agencies of Oxfam International. You will retain copyright in the photographs and footage, but assign to Oxfam the copyright (and any other intellectual property rights) in any captions, stories or other material you write in the   course of this assignment.

In consideration of the fee set out above, Oxfam will have the non-exclusive right in perpetuity, in any format, to store all photos and footage in its internal database and use and supply them to others to use for any purpose described in the Terms of Reference or which otherwise furthers its objectives.  This includes using the photos or footage in Oxfam’s own publications or websites and those it sponsors; and in publications or websites about Oxfam and its concerns (including local and national media, inter-agency materials and internet web-sites) and for display. Oxfam is excluded from commercial exploitation of the photographs in non-Oxfam publications.  

Oxfam may crop, resize or otherwise alter the photographs, and may edit the footage as may be necessary to store and use them in the manner set out above, as long as this does not prejudice your reputation.

You will be free to make use as you wish of all images, footage and accompanying captions, stories and other material which you write, as long as this does not inhibit use of the images or accompanying material by Oxfam or in any way prejudice Oxfam's reputation.  

All information you gather during the assignment about Oxfam and its work is confidential to Oxfam.

Oxfam shall credit you as the photographer in all use it makes, and shall in any permitted agreement with other people include an obligation on them to do the same. Oxfam may edit the photographs to the extent that the medium makes it appropriate to do so, e.g. resizing/cropping, while exercising reasonable endeavours to maintain the artistic integrity of the images.  

You warrant that any work you provide to Oxfam in the course of the assignment shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party, and shall be your own original work (except where you agree with Oxfam to involve other agents, in which case you will obtain a licence/assignment to Oxfam from the agent on similar terms as set out in paragraphs 2a – 2g).

Your Undertakings

You undertake that any news release or other approach to the media that you intend to make in relation to the Assignment or your relationship with Oxfam will be approved in writing prior to the approach by Oxfam’s Media Unit.  You agree that at least one representative of Oxfam will be entitled to attend any news conference or other publicity event that you arrange in connection with any Assignment.

You may not use Oxfam’s name for any purpose beyond the performance of your obligations to Oxfam, unless you have first obtained consent in writing for the use from Oxfam.

You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to obtain all necessary work permits and visas to undertake the Assignment.

Informed Consent

Before you take any photographs or footage of people please ensure that you have received informed consent to do so (this does not have to be written it can be verbal). Explain the purpose of your visit and ensure that they understand that their photograph, name and opinions may be used in Oxfam on and offline publications and all other media used to communicate about Oxfam’s work.

If the person is under 16 where possible you should approach the parents for consent.

If appropriate, take examples of Oxfam publications with you to aid these discussions.


If confidentiality is a concern for the person being photographed seek alternative ways to represent their story whilst hiding their identity (e.g. avoiding faces, with close up hand shots, silhouettes or by agreeing an alias).


Interested applicants are requested to submit the following documents: [email protected]


* CV

* Portfolio and samples of work


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