Invitation For Bids
Ref. «PUI/opt/ ECHO/16019/001»

Call For Upgrading Of School To Serve As Emergency Collective Shelter Tender

PUI is a French non-governmental, not-for-profit organization working in the field of international solidarity. It is not a religious or political organization.  Since 2002, PUI has implemented humanitarian projects in the occupied Palestinian territory. Its objective is to provide relief and protect all those threatened by natural disasters, armed conflicts or economic collapse. It works in all sectors to provide humanitarian assistance in emergency and development phases. PUI has oriented the goal of its humanitarian program on protecting livelihoods and securing economic access to food when and where populations are directly exposed to violations of the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law funded by ECHO.

PUI is launching an invitation for bids for construction works & materials supply within its plan to implement project entitled “Coordinated and Tailor Made emergency support to vulnerable household exposed to protection threats in the occupied Palestinian territory “. Basically in upgrading the school mentioned below to serve as Designated Emergency Shelter:

Beit Hanoun- Gaza Strip
Al-Kuwait Secondary School

In accordance to the following general circumstances:

-The Tender Dossier is available at PUI Office in Gaza City - Habboush St.- Dream Building- 4th Floor- Appart. No6. Or by email for soft copies to the following email address:
-Deadline for submission of tenders 26th, December 2016 12:00 PM at PUI office in Gaza that should be filled out with the requirements, stamped, valid source of deduction and guarantee check of 25% of the grand amount dated on May, 2017, is on.
-PUI has the right to increase or decrease the quantity of materials as mentioned in the tender template.
-The construction works & materials supply will be delivered for the school mentioned above by steps based on needs within 2 months from the closing date of the submission the tender, the material will not be delivered once. The supplier has to take in his considerations all the transportation costs and other related costs.
-The Prices has to be filled by EURO (EUR).      
-PUI is not obliged to select the cheapest tender, as well as the tenderers have to comply with the mentioned specifications in the tender.
-The offers must be written in English.
-The successful contractor will pay the announcement fees.

No later than 26th, December 2016 at 12:00 PM

Tel-FAX: (0) 82 84 11 71

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