The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) is a leading Palestinian Agricultural Development Organization that was established in 1983. Since its establishment, PARC has been efficiently engaged in Palestinian land development, water resources & environment, poverty reduction and women empowerment, olive oil marketing, as well as other crucial rural development programs
In accordance with its mandate, PARC will be implementing a project titles “Re-Use of Treated Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation in Southern Gaza Strip " implemented by Oxfam in partnership with the Agricultural Development Association (PARC) and the Palestinian Environmental Friends (PEF).

Price offer for a research study to assess the level of commitment to safety and health precautions and to prepare a full mapping for Al Shouka area:

PARC is seeking a highly qualified consultant firm to conduct the research study about the following topics. By the end of the study, the consultant has to produce a document in both Arabic and English Languages (2 colored hard copies and one soft copy) describes the following:

Main topics should have covered by an external consultancy firm:

The market study should cover the following topics   by an external consultancy firm.

-Conduct a research study to assess the level of compliance with safety and health precautions during regular agricultural practices, such as crops spraying and fertilization, and project that on the level of compliance the farmers would exhibit with safety precautions followed in irrigation using treated wastewater in order to irrigate tree crops and fodder crops. It is required to revise desk study materials, reports, previous studies, conduct field interviews and questionnaires and other materials reinforced with photos and other means of documentation.
-Conduct a full mapping of Al Shouka area to give and thorough and comprehensive set of information about the area in terms of the urban and rural areas, agricultural lands, agricultural activities, crops and its areas, greenhouses, barns, water sources and water impoundments, topographical map, and other information that might be deemed necessary by the Association and/or the researcher. This segment requires providing maps, aerial photages, and GIS data concerning the area which will be used later to better understand the area and plan for potential interventions in the area given the level of vulnerability it reached.

TEAM Minimum Qualifications

Key expert qualifications:

-At least a Bachelor degree in the fields of Social Sciences, statistics, demography, Research methodologies, development studies, Civil Engineering with knowledge in Land Surveying, or any other fields of relevance.
-Knowledge and experience in research and participatory methodologies and approaches such as PRA, situational and problem analysis.
-Experience in working with farmers and workers within rural and peri-urban set ups.
-Knowledge of community mobilization, project life cycle and development.
-Proven experience in data analysis, presentation methods and report writing.
-Excellent proficiency in the Arabic and English languages.

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The submitted offers should be in Israeli Shekels (NIS) excluding VAT. The tenderer should be able to issue zero VAT invoices in addition to deduction at source certificate (شهادة خصم مصدر).

-The tenderer must comply with the standards and requirements set out in the price offer.
-The submitted offer is binding to the Supplier nor the tender offer may be withdrawn after submission and remains binding by a period of three months starting from the date of the offer.
-Tender documents delivered by hand.
-Late applications will not be accepted
-The tender envelop must be sealed and stamped.
-Tender must stamp all bid papers.
-Announcement expenses will be paid by winner of price offer.


The proposal and financial offers should be submitted no later than (2:00 PM) on the (12/12/2017) to the following address:
PARC’s headquarter, Zaytoon Quarter, Salah Eddin St.
Telephone: ++97082805040 , Mob: ++972594010669
Fax: ++9702805039

For any question related to the above Terms of reference, please write to
Eng. Mohammed Al Jamal.
Project Manager PARC-Palestine
Agricultural Development Association


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