Production Manager

PalGardens Agriculture Company - A Sinokrot Global Group Company

PalGardens (or Palestine Gardens) is a Sinokrot Global Group (SGG) company specialized in producing high quality dates and agricultural products. Pal Gardens is looking for highly qualified Production Manager.

Job Responsibilities

-Review and design production processes and methods through continuous research, monitoring and data gathering.
-Improve production efficiency and quality of outputs by preparing production plans and weekly schedules, identify and control the resources to be used, budget and analyze cost of production and compare this to pre-set benchmarks.
-Assure the quality of production by identifying quality control points and designing a lean process that is well monitored and supervised with continuous testing and recording.
-Develop finished product standards and specifications based on scientific testing and market requirements and design the quality conformity tests and testing methodology.
-Record daily production activities and keep control of product traceability throughout the production process, labor activity and working hours, quantity of raw materials used.
-Plan and schedule for maintenance work and keep a plan for emergency and instant repairs of equipment.
-Comply with government agencies standards in the work place and ensure company high reputation in the production plant in front of all stakeholders.
-Coordinate with the management team to achieve company targets and defend company interest in front of different parties.

Candidate Qualifications

-Minimum of 5 years work experience in manufacturing and agriculture industry.
-BA degree in production engineering, agricultural engineering or any related field from a recognized university.
-Strong command in both Arabic and English language communications
-Strong computer skills of Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Knowledge of production related softwares is recommended.
-Ability to deal with labor in the production facility and to work in a team.
-Ability to work under pressure and for long hours during seasonal peaks.

About PalGardens

Established in 2009, PalGardens is an extension to the thirty-year legacy of SGG, benefiting from its experience and success in the global market.  PalGardens seeks to deliver high-end agricultural products to export and local markets, such as our premium date brands Qamar and Sahara Crown, as well as our renowned brand name for freshly packaged herbs, Zadona Herbs.  We are the leading exporter of agriculture in Palestine, playing a major role in increasing the share of Palestinian agricultural products in the global market.  In November 2015, PalGardens was awarded as the Best Palestinian Exporting Company in the Agricultural and Ago-industrial Sector.

About SGG

Since its establishment in 1982, Sinokrot Global Group (SGG) has been dedicated to enhancing Palestinian living standard, building a sustainable Palestinian economy, and growing to compete in the global market.

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