Gaza 2020: Health Matters Project
Terms of Reference for Medical Consultant – Health Messaging


About Gaza 2020 Health Matters Project (GHMP)
The USAID funded Gaza 2020: Health Matters project is designed to improve emergency preparedness and response and improve access and availability of quality primary and secondary health care by building the capacity of NGOs and community based organizations in Gaza. Led by International Medical Corps (IMC), the consortium including Mercy Corps, CARE, and Juzoor brings together the various components necessary to create a holistic system that is responsive to crisis and the needs of residents of Gaza. One of the major activities under the program is to increase Emergency Response and Preparedness for health related humanitarian goods and services.

About Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps (MC) is a nonprofit international relief and development organization serving more than 19 million people in 36 countries. Mercy Corps has had a presence in the West Bank and Gaza since the 1980s, helping Palestinians meet their immediate needs for survival and find durable solutions to chronic problems. With offices in East Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza City, Mercy Corps implements programs throughout the Palestinian territories and with headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland (Mercy Corps Scotland, a UK registered company limited by guarantee and registered charity) and Portland, United States (Mercy Corps, a non-profit voluntary humanitarian aid agency registered in the State of Washington, United States of America).  For more information, please refer to:


The Gaza 2020: Health Matters project is looking for a qualified Health Messages Consultant(s) to help develop health messages for Gaza 2020 Health Matters Project. Objectives of this assignment are as follows:-

-Identify specific health problems/topics (behavior or change that needs to occur to improve the health situation) of NCDs’ risk factors (includes but not limited to stress exposure, nutrition/unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, obesity, and smoking) and home accidents that are relevant to Gaza community and define specific target groups.
-Identify specific Emergency Health Messages for the following topics:-
a-Community First aid and how to deal with trauma.
b-Psychological Support for children during emergency.
c-Access to services offered by health facilities and working hours during emergency, with special consideration for NCD patients and other vulnerable groups etc.
d-Tips on safety and security measures during emergency.

-Develop appropriate health messages in Arabic, addressing identified health problems/topics. In parallel, develop health messages for emergencies in coordination with IMC & MC.
-Proper matching, integration and mapping between developed health messages and different media channels that will be utilized by Health Matters project for maximum impact of health messages (for example, which of the developed health messages are more appropriate for Radio, and which messages are more appropriate for billboards).
Thus, the consultant will first develop a clear action plan leading detailed information about what are the health messages to tackle, what is the appropriate message content to deliver, how the content will be used, for which target audience will be delivered and which is the preferable channel/tool to be used. Then the consultant will provide the project team with a full comprehensive health messages either be used via different channels during both normal and emergency situations.

Consultant Qualifications

The assignment will be implemented by consultant(s) with following qualifications:-

-Master’s degree or higher in public health or any other related field.
-Proven experience of conducting consultancy over the past 3 years; particularly in areas relating to health, preferable at Nutrition, NCDs and emergencies. Documented evidence is required, e.g. summary of consultancy services provided including names of contracting agencies.
-A very good understanding of health communications and public health awareness which includes identifying community health problems and developing health messages for different media channels.
-Experience working with NGOs (local and international) and relevant ministries.
-Excellent research, analytical, writing and English and Arabic skills (oral and written).
-Highly developed communication skills, including the preparation of clear and rich health content.
-Ability to work relatively independently, a self-starter and be able to self-manage.

Bids Receiving

-TOR can be picked up at Mercy Corps Gaza Office, Al Motaz Building #3-Al Sina’a Junction from Thursday, December 22, 2016, to Thursday, December 29, 2016 during working hours (8:00 am to 3:30 pm) from Sunday to Thursday.

-MC office will be officially closed on Sunday, 25 Dec 2016 & Sunday, 1 Jan 2016.

Bids Pre-Bid Meeting
A Pre-bid meeting will be held at Mercy Corps office on Thursday, December 29, 2016 at 2:00 pm.

Bids Submission
Deadline for bids submission is Wednesday, January 4, 2016 at 12:00 PM. 

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