Short-Term Consultancy Services
(Media Trainer)

Chemonics International Inc., a leader in global development, seeks Short-Term Media Trainer for its USAID-funded Enhanced Palestinian Justice Program (EPJP) in Al-Bireh.

To strengthen the media and communications competency of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the High Judicial Council (HJC), the Supreme Judge Department (SJD), Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA), Palestinian Alumni Fund  and the State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau (SAACB) to contribute to increasing the knowledge and awareness of the public of their legal rights, the services available from the justice sector institutions and improve Palestinian citizens’ perception of the justice institutions and therefore strengthen their legitimacy.

Scope of Work:

The media consultant will conduct training and mentoring programs to build stakeholder skills in developing press releases, utilizing social media, event management, networking with civil society organizations (CSOs) and planning and implementing media and public outreach campaigns.  The training programs will be a full life-cycle of skills and knowledge transfer followed by trainees being required to apply learned skills to develop real-life media/event products. Subsequent seminars will be conducted by the trainer to provide constructive criticism of trainee’s efforts and results to reinforce skills and share lessons learned. The media consultant will continue to reinforce learned skills until the trainees are able to sustain competencies learned. Trainees will develop media materials on subject matters specific to their institutions. The media consultant will present media concepts within the context of the trainee’s institutional focuses.
The media consultant is expected to develop and deliver classroom training and mentoring sessions for approximately 17 trainee participants. The media trainer will work in coordination with the EPJP media specialist to complete the following tasks:

-Develop a detailed work plan and time schedule of activities within five days of signing the contract
-Develop a pre-training exam
-Develop a post-training exam
-Continuously monitor, evaluate and document trainee’s performance, knowledge and skills development in relation to the course/instruction
-Develop training materials for the assignment including skills and knowledge for media staff (soft and hard copies) to be delivered no less than one week prior to date of each training
-Develop a detailed training programs that include the following topics:

-Media content development (writing press releases, news editing, writing success stories, and Web content).
-Events organizing, managing and protocol (conferences, workshops, seminars)
-Using social media, and how to promote the organizations activities and reach a wider audience
-Design and implement media campaigns
-Spokesperson and public speaking training
-Media crisis management

Training Methodology:

The training will be based on principles of adult learning, and will utilize effective training methodologies, including; individual exercises, group exercises, group discussion and discussion with the trainer. Training will also include assignments of trainee projects to reinforce the knowledge and skills learned through practical real-life (or simulated if necessary) application of learned skills in producing products and outcomes; utilizing a "learning by doing" approach. A week after the training follow-up sessions shall be conducted to assess and improve, if as needed, assignments given to participants. Pre and post assessment tests will be conducted, to assess the impact of the training on participant’s knowledge.

Education, Qualifications and/or Equivalent Experience:

-Strong journalistic experience especially in media and communications staff development. 
-Minimum of 10 years’ experience in a relevant field.
-Minimum of BA degree in public relations, journalism, media or communications, or any other relevant field.
-Strong communications skills.
-Strong writing and reporting skills in English and Arabic.
-Prior successful experience and references for similar assignments is required.

Please send your curriculum vitae (resume) to

with the position title in the subject line, by Saturday October 29, 2016. Application packages will be considered on a rolling basis. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Full scope of work

No telephone inquiries, please.


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