The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) is a leading Palestinian Agricultural Development Organization that was established in 1983. Since its establishment, PARC has been efficiently engaged in Palestinian land development, water resources & environment, poverty reduction and women empowerment, olive oil marketing, as well as other crucial rural development programs.

In accordance with its mandate, PARC will be implementing a project titles “Improving Food Security and Enhancing Resilience in Gaza through optimized rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructure after the 2014 conflict” very soon. This project is in partnership with Diakonie Katasterophenhilfe (DKH) and funded by the Douche Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
The project rebuilding the agribusiness of certain number of Palestinian farmers affected by the last 2014 offensive in the Gaza Strip and enhancing farmers’ resilience against potential natural and manmade hazards utilizing the Building Back Better Approach (BBB).
Price offer for constancy service titled in:

Evaluation and success stories documentation for promoting BBB Approach.
PARC is seeking a highly qualified consultant team/firm to Document and evaluate the preselected 20-25 beneficiary success stories for the above mentioned project in order to choose the best 10 -15 success cases to develop success stories.

The consultant firm should include:


Has approved experience in projects evaluation spatially in the related to humanitarian projects.
Post graduate degree/s in management, social science, environmental sciences and/or agriculture.
Has approved experience in projects evaluation especially in those related to humanitarian projects.
Demonstrated experience in the outlined four agribusinesses sectors of this project - greenhouses, poultry farms, dairy and livestock as well as fisheries.

Experienced in disaster preparedness and disaster management.

-Journalist or Professional writer in English and Arabic, specialist in formulating and writing success stories in both Arabic and English.
-Photographer, has approved experience in humanitarian project photographing documentary.

Application for the Assignment

Interested candidates are requested to receive the ToR documents from PARC Office in Gaza - Zaytoun – Salah Ellddin Road - opposite Abu Gebah Petroleum Station tel: 2805040, from Monday 09/01/2017 until Monday 23/01/2017.

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