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Final External Evaluation
"Stop Violence against women"

Background and Context

The Community Media Center (CMC) is a non-profit, nongovernmental, independent organization founded in January 2007 in Gaza by a group of civic activists, for the purpose of shedding the light on various community-related issues using the various means and tools of media. CMC seeks to sensitize mainstream media outlets and social media networks in favor of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the community.

CMC implemented a two- year " Stop violence against women” project, in partnership with and funded by United Nations Trust Fund to end violence against women. The project started on 1st January 2015 and ended on 31st December. 2016. CMC has achieved the project activities completely. The project aimed to contribute in combating violence against woman through media.

The project included different strategic interventions:

1. Capacity building: 30 female media graduates capacities were built and trained about woman rights and violence against woman and were also equipped with
knowledge and skills that enabled them to prepare media materials addressing the issue of violence against women.

2. A research study: on the phenomenon of violence against women aged 18 to 50 years old, which included a representative sample of 500 women from all the provinces of the population distribution for each province.

3. Media and social media campaign: the 30 female participants commence production process of 114 written media pieces as well as conducted social media accounts for the awareness campaign. We designed and printed a poster inspired by the issue of violence and brochure explains the phenomenon of violence and knows the effects and consequences, as well as guides how to reach the bodies that provide services for violated women. Also we designed and print the report of the study and prepare 20 radio episodes to address the issue of violence against women in all its aspects. We also produced the short documentary about the issue of violence.
Moreover, there were coordination and preparation for the conference, were we presented the results of the field study and other papers on violence against women and the role of media in combating it and in creating a safe environment for women. Radio episodes were broadcasted via Alwan radio, the documentary film were transmitted via Ma’an TV and 114 writing pieces were published via CMC website and other 16 website of media agencies.

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Interested consultants/ consultancy firm shall submit their technical offers to CMC no later than 4 January 2017. Technical offers must include:

-CV that shows relevant experience and competencies. The CV will weigh to (20%) of the total offer score.
-A sample of products that are produced or supervised by the consultant (20%)
-Detailed evaluation methodology highlighting the approach and tools to be used and the aspect the consultant will be looking for during the assignment. (30%)
-Initial proposal of implementation plan (30%)

CMC address:
3rd Floor, AlSaid Building, Khalil El Wazir St.,
Lababidi Square, Al Nasser, Gaza City

For any further inquiries, please contact us on:
Tel: 08-2856690
Mob: 059- 9343285

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