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Filing Campaign 2



AARC Ltd is managing the European Union funded project, “EU Support for a Taxpayer Awareness Programme in Palestine”. This project is part of a programme to promote compliance with tax legislation and increase revenue collection. The beneficiary is the Ministry of Finance, and more specifically the Direct and Indirect Tax departments. The project ToR has specified a number of communications and PR campaigns to be designed and launched as part of this project, one of them being the Filing Campaign 2.

The Filing and registration campaign has four main objectives:

-To educate business owners about their tax obligations, filing procedures, deadlines, penalties, rewards, rules and regulations.
-To motivate those which are not yet registered to do so – in particular by countering popular excuses for not doing so.
-To make them aware of the initiative to use stickers and official invoices to enable the public to verify which business are filing taxes, contributing to better services and a stronger and independent Palestine.
-To highlight the availability of tax officials to help with any queries tax payers may have.

AARC is now requesting expressions of interest from agencies to deliver the Filing Campaign 2.

The following conditions apply:

-The Interested Companies should express interest to AARC Ltd. by email:

Contact name: Ms. Joann Riordan (AARC Project Manager)

-Deadline for expressing interest: Thursday, 17 November 2016 by 18.00 local time.
-The expression of interest should clearly state the contract title “Filing Campaign 2”.
-Tender documents, including a terms of reference, will be distributed by email to all firms on Friday 18 November 2016 by AARC Project Manager Joann Riordan. Firms will be allowed 10 business days to prepare and submit a technical and financial proposal.

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