Developing Emergency SMS Alert System for Kindergartens in the Gaza Strip  MA’AN in partnership with DCA is implementing a project that aims to provide for protection, alleviate suffering and promote rights of children in the access-restricted area (ARA) in the Gaza Strip. The project targets the vulnerable children (4-5 years) of 10 kindergartens in and close to the border areas, their teachers and parents through different various activities

The objective of the consultancy is to Develop Emergency SMS Alert System for Kindergartens in the Gaza Strip 
To achieve this, MA’AN seeks to contract a qualified consultant firm with the following minimum qualifications :

-    Academic qualification in software engineering, IT, or any other relevant fields. Master's degree and above is preferred. 
-    At least 3 years of experience in developing mobile applications (Android or IOS).
-    Proven experience in designing and developing creative and high quality software systems for emergency management purposes is an advantage. A portfolio for the company is required.
-    Good reporting, writing, and communication skills.
-    Demonstrated and strong understanding of humanitarian standards, right to participation, organizational capacity development, international humanitarian law and Human Rights, especially in relation to emergency response and preparedness.
-    Ability to develop concrete methodology and timeframe for delivering the required consultancy services within the specified duration.

Interested consultant should review the full ToR for this consultancy and can get a copy from it from MAAN-Gaza Office from 10th   October 2017 – 12th    October 2017  and submit offer in two sealed envelopes; one for the technical offer and another one for the financial offer by 15th October,2017 (at 12:00 pm) at MA’AN Development Center office in Gaza, Palestine (Haidar Abd Al Shafi Square,Al Motaz 2 Building –Ground Floor Next to Blood Bank Building, Tel.: 08-2823712) .
-    The awarded consultant of this offer will be required to pay for the cost of this advertisement.
-    Offers will be assessed first on their technical merit using the evaluation criteria below. Only technical scores of at least 70 points will qualify for the financial review. The financial offer weight is 20% from the total weight while the technical offer is 80% of the total weight.
-    Financial Offer must be in USD , and all costs must include invoice if the service provider is a firm or authorized registered dealer.



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الوظيفة Developing Emergency SMS Alert System
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