Gaza Community Mental Health Programme
Announcement for Consultancy Service
For Administrative and Technical Review

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme-GCMHP is a non- governmental non-profit organization, established in 1990 and one of the leading organizations in Palestine in the field of specialized community mental health and psychosocial service, it also provides training and capacity building activities & research work. GCMHP works with and for a wide range of beneficiaries including: children, adolescents, women, families and victims of human rights violation. Moreover, it contributes to enhancing the effectiveness of staff of community institutions and governmental organizations in the Gaza Strip in providing and dealing with mental health and psychosocial issues based on its unique position in the Gazan context that is both acknowledged and respected as a reference and a benchmark.

GCMHP is seeking a highly qualified consultant team/firm headed by an international expert to review GCMHP’s compliance with actions listed in the approved roadmap and to provide an assessment of GCMHP’s response to the recommendations in Alwafa Assessment report 2012 and also to provide GCMHP and its consortium of donors with lessons learnt for improvements for future strategic orientation and activities of GCMHP and under the following conditions:

-The consultancy service is provided in the form of a consultancy work by a competent, qualified consultant team/firm with the relevant experience in the field.
-Professional services be guided by clearly worked out “Terms of Reference” showing:
-The scope of the work.
-Level of efforts and main deliverables.
-The reporting requirements including the types and frequencies of reports to be prepared.

-Professional services should be procured based on competitive bidding process in accordance to GCMHP internal regulations.
-Technical & Financial Proposals should be presented in separate closed envelops.
-GCMHP is not committed to lowest consultancy price offers.
-The consultancy service should avoid any kind of conflict of interest among the parties.
-All offered prices should be in USD including VAT.

Interested consultant teams/firms are encouraged to obtain the ToR available from Administrative Affairs & Human Resource Unit- GCMHP headquarter or writing to

Proposals should be presented before 13:00 pm, January 22, 2017 in a sealed envelope to Administrative & Human Resources Unit- GCMHP headquarter, Gaza-Sheikh Ejleen, opposite Gaza Municipality Beach Club.

For inquires please contact the Head of Administrative Affairs and Human Resources Unit Ms. Rana Ayyad, Tel: 2641513. Email:

Gaza Community Mental Health Porgrmme-GCMHP

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