Construction Project Manager / Engineer

The Palestine Techno Park (Technopark), is an independent non-profit legal entity, based at Birzeit University. The Technopark was created through a generous donation from the Republic of India for the Palestine – India Technopark Infrastructure and Building. For further brief information about the Technopark, please visit The Technopark is seeking energetic talent individual to fill a full-time Construction Project Manager / Engineer position at its temporary office at Birzeit University.

The Construction Project Manager / Engineer will report directly to the Technopark CEO and BoD. She/he should have experience, knowledge initiative and drive to be a forceful champion in the organization.
Responsibilities include but not limited to:

-Assist in the selection of an engineering offices and companies that are suitable for the construction of the Technopark and the engineering offices supervising the construction of the Technopark as well as implementing the infrastructure work
-Practical knowledge of Construction Project Management and other Project Management standards
-Preparing the infrastructure and India building construction project plan
-Monitoring and evaluation of the infrastructure and India building construction project plan progress and timelines and review contractor work performance and project status updates
-Provide input into the scheduling of projects to meet the client’s required deadline and maintain construction resources to acceptable levels.
-Ensure work is performed per plans and specifications via coordination with the quality assurance (QA) and functional checkout (FCO) groups.
-Coordinate between the construction contractor and the CEO and BoD to resolve field discrepancies in design packages and material delays;
-Ensures maintenance of effective administrative and financial internal controls to assure safeguarding of assets and reliability of financial statements and administrative reports for the construction and infrastructure work
-Assist the CEO and Accountant in preparing monthly financial statements and ensures their accuracy and timeliness for the Technopark, its donors and beneficiaries.
-Assist the CEO and Accountant in completing the engineering contracts and invoice clients and prepare follow-up letters, follow up with the milestones, the monthly invoices and the reporting issue. Prepare a variety of written reports and materials.
-Ensures compliance with any and all financial and contract reporting requirements for private or public funding, licensing, leasing or regulatory agencies.
-Assists in resolving accounting and financial problems and/or issues related to the infrastructure and construction of the Technopark.
-Assists in the preparation of annual budgets and cash flow projections related to the construction of the Technopark.
-Assist the Accountant to ensure proper preparation for annual financial audit by reviewing all receipts and disbursements, ascertains correct account distribution and ensuring all support documentation is accurate and in order.
-Maintain compliance with the safety.
-Develop an assurance plan so that work is accomplished in an environmentally sound manner using safe work practices.
-Conduct safety observations and conversations (SOCs) to help achieve a zero-incident culture.
-Lead the “authorization to proceed” process for contractors.
-Participate in engineering package reviews during the select, define and execute phases of projects and provide constructive input to the design team.
-Perform additional duties as requested by the governance structure of the Technopark


-A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture or Civil Engineering
-4 years of increasingly responsible experience in the construction engineering and project management
-Excellent problem solving skills and ability to handle stress and meet deadline
-Proficiency with MS word, Excel and MS Power Point
-Vendor Management: strong supervision and vendor management skills on infrastructure and construction implementation work
-Analytical Skills: Must be good at planning for large-scale, multi-step projects.
-Decision Making: Must make lots of decisions, such as picking contractors and subcontractors
-Management Skills: Must lead the contractors and keep them motivated and focused on the job.
-Communication: Good Arabic /English writing and speaking skills when communicating with employees, writing proposals, subcontractors, procuring materials and dealing with stakeholders.
-Technical Skills: Must know construction methodologies, read blueprints and understand other technical aspects of construction.
-Time-Management: Deadlines are crucial in construction. Making sure that everything is on time and moving smoothly is a critical part of the job.

Please send your Curriculum Vita with a cover letter and salary history noting three references and salary history for the last three years and e-mail to

Deadline for submissions is January 5th, 2017. All applicants will be handled in strict confidence.

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