Requirement for an agronomist in Gaza

Position/ Job Title

-Technical adviser(Gaza)

Duration of the contract
2017 Jan - 2017 April

-Could be extended
-First two months will be trial period

Task & Responsibility

-Excellent knowledge about plants/ crop production
-Preferably have good knowledge and experience in livestock production
-Work with other NGOs and set up plan for the plants/crop production in open lands and greenhouses including water management
-Work with other NGOs and set up plan for livestock and fodder production.
-Conduct baseline research and Identify needs of targeted areas
-Making BoQ and collecting quotations
-Follow-up and coordination of seminars and workshops with farmers.
-Conduct regular follow up visits to all beneficiaries’ farms and provide technical instructions.
-Develop database focusing on the findings of the follow up visits
-Submit a detailed report concerning the follow up visits.
-Liaise with logistics for supply issues.
-Coordinate and carry out the monitoring and evaluation techniques (monitoring sheets, monitoring rounds, else.)
-Ensure that all documents related to the above-mentioned tasks are complete and available.
-Other tasks within the technical advisor qualifications as required by PARCIC’s work (assessments, external contacts and/or representation)

Qualification & Experience

- Minimum 3 years of experience working in the agricultural sector preferably with NGOs/INGOs/Humanitarian Agencies(Preferably 5 years of experience)
- University degree in agronomy or related field, especially plant protection, plant production, soil and water, or livestock and fodder production
- Excellent computer skills including Word and Excel
- Fluent in both English and Arabic including report writing in English
- Excellent communication, facilitation and listening skills, and team sprit
- Resident in the Gaza strip
- Highly organized and able to prioritize and meet deadlines effectively
-Having a clear vision about how to enhance the women roles in the community.
-Understanding the relation between the emergency and development interventions
-Completed the 9-month training program provided by Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee(PARC)for newly graduated agronomists or similar training program
-Experience in working for livestock projects or having enough knowledge in this field(especially rabbits, poultry, sheep/goats)

Necessary Document

-CV(English, Please mention references
-Essay to state the motivation to work for PARCIC(Word A4 1P/English)
-Other document related to the position(Preferable)

- Certificate of training for an agronomist or any other certificate related to the above-stated fields
- Recommendation letter etc.
Note: We will not accept any application with incomplete documents.


December 31, 2016

(We may stop accepting applications before the deadline once we found a well-qualified person for the position)

How to apply

To send all documents to email:   

المسمى الوظيفي (Agronomist)Technical Advisor
أعلنت بواسطة PARCIC
الوظيفة (Agronomist)Technical Advisor
تاريخ البدء Jan, 2017
الراتب -
رقم الفاكس
رقم الهاتف
البريد الالكتروني
المكان Gaza
اخر موعد لإستقبال الطلبات 2016-Dec-31
المستوى المهني متوسط الخبرة
المكان غزة
نوع الوظيفة دوام كامل
التصنيف التصنيع وادارة العمليات